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Necklace and bracelet turorial

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Necklace and bracelet turorial

Use double fabric for the embroidery.
Fasten the main fabric on top of another one using Vliesofix.
Doing this, you don't have to use anything else but the ordinary lining to finish the project.

Embroider the design combined by the splitted parts, using the «how to join split designs:New tutorial.»

Cut 1 cm seam allowance around the whole design.

Pin the lining and the embroidery together and sew about 2 mm outside
the embroidery outline, and don't forget to keep 10 – 12 cm open to be able to turn the necklace .

Then cut both fabrics about 6 mm from the seam, and do tiny cuts all around
to give it the right shape when turning it.

Turn it inside out, and be sure to turn the ends of the necklace properly.
Fasten the edges with needles all around, to be able to stitch as close to the edge as possible.

For the locking, use an ordinary button .

The necklace is finished.

For the bracelet you follow the same steps like the necklace, but before you
turn it inside out, you must cut the corners stright over, so your corners don't get lumpy.

After having turned it inside out and stitched all around the edge, fasten Velcro for locking the bracelet.
Cut it 7-8 mm wide, and sew it on the ends of th bracelet like this:

The bracelet is finished.

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