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The link to download purchased digital products is automatically sent to a customer at the email address specified during the checkout. If a customer cannot read such a notification message with the link (e.g., if the message has been deleted by a spam filter or damaged/rejected due to an email client or server temporary failure), then the digital product downloading link can still be accessed by several methods described below:


Only for registered customers: log in to personal account in the storefront and open the order details page in section "Order history". The product downloading link will be displayed next to the purchased product's name.


For all customers: open storefront section "Order status", enter the order number and the email address specified during checkout, then enter the last name as a confirmation. On the order details page which will open after that the product downloading link will also be available next to the purchased product's name. Note:


The link to download an ordered digital product becomes available only for orders which have been assigned status "Paid & Delivered" after we approve order  Click Here to Enter your order ID and email

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