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"What beautiful designs! I have never written to someone to let them know I liked their designs but I couldn't help myself when I saw yours! Way to go!" Les Martin

"I have embroidered 3 of the oriental designs and they are simply beautiful. The whole concept of being able to embroider commercial size designs on my home embroidery machine amazes me. Everything about the designs from the unique beauty of each design to how the stitch out is wonderful. Each design is perfectly digitized to stitch out with merely a few jump stitches...not even enough to snip. They embroider effortlessly through the machine your machine. From the beginning stitches, I knew that these designs were professionally made. The first color stop places a basting border around the design. Within this border are "notches", that will later help you align the next section to be sewn. This notch also shows the center of the piece so you place it on a center neckline seam. I have not worked with a lot of split designs, but I found when these were split, they were done with a lot of thought as to having to reassemble them. They are split where there's a minimal amount of stitches, so aligning to the next section is easier. Each section of the split design was slightly smaller than my hoop, so I had a little breathing space to maneuver the embroidery arm for perfect placement.
I must admit though, that rehooping and aligning these designs was a bit of a challenge. But I loved doing it. Especially when it was all done and I looked at a design that was approximately 350x400, it was one continuous design and I did it! Some of the designs have more than 100,000 stitches.
I look forward to trying more of these unique designs."
Donna Arruda

"I have not seen these types of designs except in catalogs, but they are magnificent. Respectfully," Janet

"I have NEVER in my whole life seen anything as beautiful as what I have just seen on your site. I love all of them, now it is the decision to make of what one to start out with. I have a Hus. Viking #1 plus and a SWF1501. Love them both. Keep up the wonderful work, and add me to your send to list. Thank you," Jody Siebel

"Your designs are spectacular. I never imagined I could stitch designs like this on my home machine. Thank you so very much for the free designs, I'll have to find something very special to stitch it on." Karen Farestveit

"Thank You for the lovely free designs! The embroideries that you offer are exceptional- very lovely!!" Karen Muggah

"I've ordered one of your designs to try out on my machine. I like what you've done with the designs and you've given me inspiration." Aimee Tang

"I just found this web site, and it has the most gorgeous Oriental designs, I wish I could explain them to you. They're the intricate patterns that are found around Arabic robes, etc. You have to sign up to get a freebie, but the site is well worth looking at, if not just for the sheer wonderment of how much work went into putting those designs together. The prices are reasonable, and most need the bigger hoop. There is a collection for the 4x4. I'm already beginning to plan another project! Hope you enjoy!" Laura Law
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Customer Service Testimonials

"Thank you for creating your designs for the small 4"x4" hoop. I stitched out the free sample and was very pleased. I'm thinking about using your design number 6 in the future on a dress. How very thoughtful of you to send instructions for placement of your designs to make a large one. That's what I call "Customer Service." If I have any questions, I won't hesitate to contact you." Marion Kurtz

"Thank you for taking care of this so promptly. I was getting a little worried because I don't like to give out credit card numbers on the internet but you have restored my faith." Shirley Rector

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